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Mens' Feet, Guys' Socks and Male Tickling!
It is a huge forum for Male Feet, Male Sock & Male Tickling Lovers...

Largest Male Feet, Tickling Fetish & Guys' Foot Megasite - 1000s of male feet images,

male foot fetish stories and videos of

Mens' Feet, Guys' Socks and Male Tickling!

It is a huge forum for Male Feet, Male Sock & Male Tickling Lovers...

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Friday, November 1, 2013

Barefoot Asian XXX Hardcore!

Joe Park was a happy boy this week, getting 2 big cocks to suck on and ride.  This week's update features gay sex with an Asian boy (Joe Park), a hot Latin stud (Nathaniel Rodriguez), and a sexy white twink named Chris Hole!  You have to love all the different colors, flavors and sizes of cock here. Korean twink J. Park is back filming for Asianboynation again this week starring in some hot gay orgy action.  The gay Asian video starts with cutie J. Park sipping some coffee at a Starbucks.  He calls his fuck buddy Nathaniel and gets him back to his place so they can have some fun again (the pair have starred in several other videos for, and have grown to enjoy each other as often as possible)!  Soon they are back in J. Park's room, kissing each other.  That's when J. Park drops the bomb: he invited another guy to join in for the fun this time! Nathaniel is a little surprised at first, but once he sees the hot white stud that shows up at the door, he doesn't mind so much.  Park delivers another fine performance, moaning beautifully as he takes that huge cock and sucking as much cock as he can fit those cute lips around.  Of course the ending is what we really love, where he gets his face soaked full of white and Latin jizz!  Download the Full Video at: 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Straight Tatooed Male Bear Ass Naked for Gay






We have a blast from our past this week as we welcome back CJ Madison. It's been about 3 years since we've seen this local hottie that took a break from the industry. He's now happily seeing someone; but admits he missed making so many friends while working in the industry. CJ is originally from Philadelphia and at 41 years young he's slowly wading back into the industry pool. He admits he still has people coming up to him by guys on the street that want to know if he's that guy in the porn movies. He's been approached on the street and on the beach and doesn't mind it one bit. He is into masculine and confident men that take care of themselves and their bodies. He's versatile in his personal life and admits that when it comes to sex he considers himself a 9 in the kink-o-meter. We like! Wrapping it up we asked him to describe the perfect fantasy shoot for him. CJ would love an old skool reunion orgy, with the guys in the biz when he first started. Bring back hotties like Joh nny Hazzard, Matt Rush and François Sagat. Sounds like one hell of a party. Speaking of party, let's get this one started... 




CJ brought along some friends this week as he reminds us what we've been missing out on. He starts by slowly groping his firm abs. A new tattoo on his navel reads "L'amore e il mio Destino" Love it is my Destiny and whom could deny that? As he pulls off his tee we can tell CJ's been taking really good care of that body. He gropes his crotch before undoing his jeans and tugging on his growing cock. His jeans slide south as his cock gets bigger. Soon he's in his boxer briefs showing off that ass and muscular frame. The boxers soon come down as CJ shows off his fuzzy ass. He pulls those beefy cheeks apart revealing his furry hole. He then turns around and frees his hard cock. He starts to jack his thick meat as his fingers find their way back to that ass. He fingers himself as he strokes his cock making him even hornier.

mo30-cjmadison1-2.mp4 Watch on Posterous

CJ then picks one of the dildos to play with as he slaps his face with it. He then sees something better and goes for the double headed dong. He kneels and slid es that up his hairy hole as he starts to fuck himself with it. He moans as he plunges that long dildo deep into his ass. It makes him moan and groan as he fucks himself faster and harder with it. His fist becomes a blur as he rams that thing in and out of himself. But wait! -there's more. CJ then grabs a black butt plug and shoves that up his ass next. He grinds that one into his hole faster and harder as he jerks his throbbing cock. This one's stretching that hungry hole wide open and it's going to do the trick. CJ fucks himself silly until his cock explodes sending his jizz all over his furry abs and navel. 



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